Onsite or Online?

We have prepared brief guidelines for you to help you out when choosing which event format to attend.

Benefits of attending in-person:

  • Face-to-face interaction – nothing can overshadow real-life human communication.
  • Networking – making new contacts is done best when people meet each other.
  • Opportunities – take an active part in the conversation of the hour.
  • The chance to explore – a new country and a new culture.
  • People’s projects – find out what people are working on or are interested in.
  • Feedback – great chance to receive valuable feedback for your work.
  • Suggestions – collect tips and ideas to apply to your project.
  • Learn – listen to your colleagues, build on your skills and knowledge.
  • Feel – remind yourself of the sense of community and togetherness.

Benefits of attending online: 

  • Flexibility – attend anytime, anywhere
  • Comfort – join from your office, clinic or home.
  • New experience – feel a virtual event if you have never been to one!
  • A chance to attend – times are tricky for travelling, but online knows no boundaries.
  • Spread your knowledge easier – over chats and social media channels to a wider audience.
  • More time for research – dig into background research, search for more data during the Congress.
  • Connect – make contacts without any geographical boundaries.
  • Go green  – reduced harmful emissions for travelling.