Debate and Young Fellows session

Tuesday 24 May


Debate session

  • Danilo Norata
  • Stefano Romeo
HDL: In search for a function
Anne Tybjaerg Hansen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Arnold von Eckardstein, Zurich, Switzerland

Wednesday 25 May


Young fellows’ session

  • Christoph Binder
  • Jan Boren
Atherosclerosis-associated chronic inflammation: the outcome of metabolic imbalances or irregular immune responses?
Chrysoula Boutari, Greece
How does diabetes accelerate atherosclerosis?
Karin Bornfeldt, Washington, USA
How does endothelial rewiring contribute to ASCVD?
Jeffrey Kroon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Macrophage metabolism in atherosclerosis
Laurent Yvant-Charvet, Nice, France