Educational CME accredited programme

Sunday 22 May

Implementation of the 2019 lipid guidelines-where are we now?

  • Maurizio Averna
  • Alberico Catapano
What’s been achieved and what more is needed- the Santorini study
Kausik Ray, London, United Kingdom
Using novel therapies in the real world- case studies
Heinz Drexel, Austria
Start with combination therapy and get on with it
Luis Masana, Barcelona, Spain
Slow and sure wins the race- a stepwise approach
Francois Mach, Geneva, Switzerland

Reimagining population health-the time is now

  • Marianne Benn
  • Eric Stroes
Reimagining imaging to guide intensity of treatment-who what and how?
Lale Tokgözoğlu, Ankara, Turkey
Reimagining prevention - Using AI and causal estimates to preserve health?
Brian Ference, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Reimagining prevention: the population approach
Kausik Ray, London, United Kingdom

Monday 23 May

Why and how to implement early combination lipid lowering therapy

  • Maciej Banach
  • Lale Tokgözoğlu
How can me optimise lipid lowering after acute coronary syndromes?
Lale Tokgözoğlu, Ankara, Turkey
Pragmatic strategies to better implement combination therapies for very high risk patients
Maciej Banach, Lodz, Poland
How to implement decision algorithms into routine clinical care- experience across Europe
Carlos Escobar Cervantes, Madrid, Spain
An App to guide clinical care- what is it and how should we use it
Kausik Ray, London, United Kingdom