Paediatric FH

6th EAS Paediatric Familial Hypercholesterolemia symposium

Saturday, 20st of May 2023, Mannheim, Germany

This event will take place in the Dorint Hotel (Friedrichsring 6, 68161 Mannheim, Germany) 

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Registration will close on May 18, 2023

Draft Programme:

Organized by: Jeanine Roeters van Lennep, Elizabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen, Mafalda Bourbon, Kirsten Holven, Michal Vrablik and Steve Humphries.

10.00-10.05. Welcome – Steve Humphries and Elizabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen

10.05- 13.00.  Statins and Nutrition for the treatment of FH in children, adolescents and pregnancy.

Chairs: Kirsten Holven (Norway) and Mafalda Bourbon (Portugal).

10.05-10.25. Statin use, safety, prolonged therapy in children with FH –  Gisle Langset (Norway)  

10.25-10.45. Statin use in pregnancy of women with FH – Jeanine Roeters van Lennep (Holland)

10.45-11.00. Dietary-nutritional treatment of children with FH – Kirsten Holven (Norway)

11.00-11.20. 2x Clinical Scenarios  – Led by Kjetil Retterstøl (Norway)

Coffee and Poster Viewing

11.45-13.00. Novel agents for lipid lowering in children with HE and HO FH.

Chairs: Michal Vrablik (Czech Republic) and  Jeanine Roeters van Lennep (Holland).

11.45-12.05. Efficacy and safety of PCSK9i agents in the management of LDL-C in children with HeFH – Doortje Reijman (Holland) 

12.05-12.15. Use of lomitapide for management of HoFH – Marcello Arca (Italy)

12.15-12.30. Lomitapide in Pediatric HoFH: New phase 3 efficacy and safety data – Luis Mansana (Spain)

12.30-12.45. CRISPR base editing as an investigational single-course treatment for FH – Amit Khera (USA) 

12.45-13.002x Clinical Scenarios relating to Novel agents – led by Albert Wiegman (Holland) 

Lunch 13.00-14.00 and Poster Viewing

14.00-15.50. FH Universal Screening in childhood : different approaches and pros and cons. Chairs : Urh Grošelj (Slovenia) & Elizabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen (Germany).

14.00-14.20. European FH Paediatric screening recommendations and Prague Declaration  – Urh Grošelj (Slovenia)

14.20-14.30. FH Screening by combinedLDL-cholesterol measurement and genetic analysis in umbilical cord blood – Tomas Friedberger (Czech Republic)

14.30-14.40. FH Screening bymeasuring cholesterol in newborn blood spots : The MV project  -Elizabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen (Germany)

14.40-14.50. FH Screening bymeasuring cholesterol and DNA sequencingusing newborn blood spots – Amy Peterson (US)

14.50-15.00. Screening for FH in childhood using heel prick cholesterol measures at 12 months: A UK perspective – Lorraine Priestly Barnham (UK)

15.00-15.10. FH Screening by measuring cholesterol in 6 year olds :The Luxemburg project – Carine de Beaufort (Luxemburg)

15.10-15.20. FH Screening by measuring cholesterol in in primary school children in Croatia. – Zeljko Reiner (Croatia)

15.20-15.30. FH Screening byNewborn whole genome sequencing (WGS): Pros and Cons  – Irena Lehmann  (Germany)

15.30 -15.50. Round table discussion with all speakers PLUS Magdalena Daccord (FH Europe)

15.50-16.00 Voting for next year’s topics and Wrap up – Steve Humphries (UK)

We are pleased to announce that funding has been obtained by FH Europe to allow the symposium proceedings to be recorded. All registered delegates will receive information on how to access the proceedings after the symposium.

*The symposium is free of charge for all delegates. Please note that a no-show fee of €100 will be charged if you cancel your participation later than Friday 12 May or do not show up at the symposium.