Plenary programme

Wednesday 25 May

From lifestyle to designer therapies

AI assisted diagnostics of ASVD
Charalambos Antonoides, Oxford, United Kingdom
Nonpharmacologic approaches to promote population cardiovascular health
Salim Yusuf, Hamilton, Canada
Should we target inflammation?
Paul Ridker, Boston, USA
Targeting non-coding RNAs
Kathryn Moore, Boston, USA

Tuesday 24 May

Lipoproteins revisited: what has changed?

ApoB – friend and foe
Jan Kuivenhoven, Groningen, The Netherlands
Emerging therapies for dyslipidemia
Daniel Gaudet, Montreal, Canada
Lp(a): The next frontier
Sotirios Tsimikas, San Diego, USA
Trigylcerides: From systemic to cellular metabolism
Ira Goldberg, New York, USA

Monday 23 May

Personalised approach to ASVD: The future is here

Deep phenotyping of disease
Chiara Giannarelli, New York, USA
Imaging and biomarkers: Targeting the right patient for the right treatment
Wolfgang Koenig, Munich, Germany
Implementing genetics scores in clinical practice
Amit V Khera, Boston, USA
Vascular response in atherosclerosis: From epigenetics to bone marrow
Eicke Latz, Bonn, Germany