Debate and Young Fellows session

Wednesday 24 May


Debate: Is there a role for diet and nutrition in LDL lowering?

Pro - Diet and nutrition is helpful for LDL-C lowering
Maciej Banach, Lodz, Poland
Contra - Diet and nutrition is not helpful for LDL-C
Ulrich Laufs, Leipzig, Germany

Tuesday 23 May


Debate: Triglycerides and CVD: Where do we stand? Pro & Contra

Introduction: TG as marker or target for treatment
Pam Taub, San Diego, USA
Why we should target apoB lowering not TG or remnants
Alberto Zambon, Italy
Why EPA is the right choice for the high TG patient
Erin Michos, Baltimore, USA

Tuesday 23 May


Young fellows session

Mechanisms of immune checkpoint inhibition and co-stimulatory receptors in atherosclerosis
Esther Lutgens, The Netherlands\ USA
Therapeutic targeting of adaptive immunity in atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.
Tian Zhao, Cambridge, UK