Workshop programme

Monday 22 May


Clinical Seminar - Lipid management throughout a lifetime

Managing lipids in children?
Albert Wiegman, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Lipids through the female lifecourse
Kirsten Holven, Norway
Lipids in elderly
Martin Bødtker Mortensen, Aarhus, Denmark

Leukocytes in dyslipidemia and atherosclerosis

Leukocyte diversity in the atherosclerotic plaque
Alma Zernecke-Madsen, Germany
Role of resident macrophages in atherosclerosis
Veronique Angeli, Singapore

New insight in HDL and CVD

The HDL proteome in obesity - when good particles go rogue
Fiona McGillicuddy, Dublin, Ireland
Cellular interactions of HDL
Arnold von Eckardstein, Switzerland

New insights into ApoB containing lipoproteins

Lipoprotein retention and atherosclerosis
Jan Boren, Gothenburg, Sweden
New insight into the metabolism of apoB-containing lipoproteins
Bruno Vergès, Dijon, France

Vascular homeostasis and calcification

Mechanosensing in the cardiovascular system
Ellie Tzima, Oxford, UK
Endothelial mechanotransduction in atherosclerosis
Stephen Huveneers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tuesday 23 May


Genetic and epigenetic regulatory mechanisms of atherosclerosis

Transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of macrophages in atherosclerosis
Menno De Winther, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Genetic Regulation of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Function
Mete Civelek, Charlottesville, USA

Hepatic lipid metabolism and lipoprotein synthesis

Organelle proteomics and lipid metabolism
Natalie Krahmer, Munich, Germany
Harnessing genetics to identify novel mechanisms involved in VLDL production
Steve Farber, Washington D.C, USA

Lifestyle: from epidemiology to molecular signatures

Lifestyle intervention in elderly
Jenni Lehtisalo, Kuopio, Finland
Is there a role for diet in secondary prevention?
Lina Badimon, Barcelona, Spain

Lipid metabolism and inflammation in CVD

25-hydroxycholesterol in macrophages increases inflammation and atherogenesis
Yajaira Suarez, USA
Cholesterol efflux pathways control T cell aging and atherosclerosis
Marit Westerterp, Groningen, The Netherlands

Obesity, adipose tissue and CVD

Mediators of obesity-associated diseases
Jens Brüning, Germany
Adipose tissue and CVD
Philipp Scherer, Dallas, USA

Wednesday 24 May


Genetics of dyslipidemias

Genetics of hypertriglyceridemias
Marcello Arca, Rome, Italy
Genetics and clinical presentation of hypolipidemias
Klaus Parhofer, Munich, Germany

Mechanisms at the crossroad between cardiovascular and fatty liver disease

Epidemiology and genetics of fatty liver
Luca Valenti, Milan, Italy
Molecular signaling in fatty liver disease
Jay Horton, Dallas, USA

The effect of aging on atherosclerosis

Sex differences in Vascular Aging and Atherosclerosis
Erin Michos, Baltimore, USA
Clonal hematopeisis as an age-related risk for atherosclerosis
Ingo Hilgendorf, Freiburg, Germany