Plenary programme

Advancing therapy

Imaging and reclassification & risk stratification
Khurram Nasir, USA
Single-cell and spatial transcriptomics dissection of coronary artery disease
Manolis Kellis, USA
Update on targeting PCSK9 vis a vis GLP1R agonist / SGLT2i
Pam Taub, USA
Gene therapy in lipid metabolism and CVD
Sek Kathiresan, USA

Integrating the many players of cardiovascular risk

Modern approach to dyslipidemia
Robert Hegele, Canada
Lp(a) - Finding the right place
Florian Kronenberg, Austria
Fatty liver disease; the new kid on the block of cardio-metabolic disorders
Christos Mantzoros, USA
Obesity and CVD: A bigger player than appreciated
Naveed Sattar, UK

Redefining atherogenesis

The changing landscape of atherosclerosis
Renu Virmani, USA
Interorgan cross-talk in dyslipidemia
Matthias Tschöp, Germany
Stress and the immune system
Filip Swirski, USA
Identifying new pathways/players in CVD
Stephanie Dimmeler, Germany