Plenary programme

Wednesday 24 May


Advancing therapy

Gene therapy in lipid metabolism and CVD
Sek Kathiresan, USA
Imaging and reclassification & risk stratification
Khurram Nasir, USA
Single-cell and spatial transcriptomics dissection of coronary artery disease
Manolis Kellis, USA
Update on targeting PCSK9 vis a vis GLP1R agonist / SGLT2i
Pam Taub, San Diego, USA

Monday 22 May


Integrating the many players of cardiovascular risk

Fatty liver disease; the new kid on the block of cardio-metabolic disorders
Christos Mantzoros, USA
Lp(a) - Finding the right place
Florian Kronenberg, Austria
Modern approach to dyslipidemia
Peter Libby, USA
Obesity and CVD: A bigger player than appreciated
Antonio Vidal-Puig, UK

Tuesday 23 May


Redefining atherogenesis

Identifying new pathways/players in CVD
Stefanie Dimmeler, Germany
Discovery of multi receptor drugs for metabolic diseases
Matthias Tschöp, Germany
Stress and the immune system
Filip Swirski, USA
The changing landscape of atherosclerosis
Renu Virmani, USA