Plenary programme

The programme is preliminary and subject to change

Tuesday 28 May

Advances in understanding atherosclerosis biology

MicroRNAs reducing plasma cholesterol in apoB-containing lipoproteins without causing hepatosteatosis
Mahmood Hussain, USA
New insights in the genetics of dyslipidemia
Catherine Boileau, France
Recent developments in system biology to understand atherosclerosis
Johan Björkegren, Sweden
Translational opportunities of single-cell biology in atherosclerosis: what have we learned
Claudia Monaco, UK

Monday 27 May

Multi-organ interactions in atherogenesis

Deciphering hypobetalipoproteinemia: a liver gateway toward therapeutic opportunities in ASCVD prevention
Bertrand Cariou, France
The role of immunity and inflammation in hypertension and atherosclerosis
Thomasz Guzik, UK
Neuroimmune axis of cardiovascular control: mechanisms and therapeutic implications
Daniela Carnevale, Italy
Triglyceride partitioning in the adipose tissue and atherosclerosis
Sander Kersten, USA

Wednesday 29 May

Precision medicine for cardiometabolic diseases: assessing individual susceptibility to ASCVD

Contribution of genetics
Pradeep Natarajan, USA
Contribution of imaging
Giovanna Liuzzo, Italy
Contribution of metabolomics and inflammation
Samia Mora, USA
"Omics" integration for individualized treatment
Erik Stroes, The Netherlands