Social Media Toolkit

Welcome to the #EASCongress2024 Social Media Toolkit!

We look forward to welcoming you to the 92nd Annual Congress of the European Atherosclerosis Society, gathering clinicians and atherosclerosis scientists from all over the world in Mannheim and online.  

To enhance your experience and ability to connect with people, we encourage you to share information about the Congress, and your participation in it, on social media – before and during the event. 

Policy & Disclaimer 

The official EAS social media policy is available below (EAS’s social media disclaimer). EAS strongly encourages anyone using social media to include a disclaimer in their profiles. Examples of this include, but are not limited to, “opinions are my own,” “RT does not equal endorsement” etc. 

EAS’s social media disclaimer: 

The European Atherosclerosis Society and the EAS Congress welcome discussions related to all aspects of atherosclerosis and related cardiovascular research on our social media sites. 

The EAS does not allow the posting of any sensitive information relating to the practice of medicine or any information that directly or indirectly could identify a patient or consumer of health care, as it is in violation of our policy. 

The EAS reserves the right to remove any posts that are in violation of our policies and that are deemed offensive. 

Promotion of drugs, devices and other medical technologies will not be tolerated, and any comments, discussions or links involving promotional material will be removed. Repeated attempts to post promotional content will result in the individual being blocked. Statements or opinions expressed on the page reflect the views of the contributor, and do not reflect the official views of the EAS, unless otherwise noted. The EAS cannot respond to every comment. Likes and follows on social media channels are not endorsements. The EAS assumes no liability for sensitive information posted by users. 


The official hashtag for the EAS Congress 2024 is #EASCongress2024. Make sure to use the hashtag when tweeting and posting, to be part of the discussion. 

Hashtags help connect users within related conversations and are also searchable, making them a valuable resource for both clinicians and patients. We highlight and encourage the use of hashtags but recommend using no more than three per tweet or post.  

Other hashtags you can include in your tweets and posts include:  

#arteries   #heart   

What to share  

Here are some tips and ideas on what to share during your attendance at EAS Congress 2024:  

  • Live tweets from sessions, meetings and the exhibition. Be sure to use the official hashtag #EASCongress2024.   
  • Retweet and repost live coverage coming from the Congress.   
  • Take photos and post them on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you mention @eascongress and use the hashtag #EASCongress2024. 
  • Take mini videos with your phone, catching the vibe of the Congress and the onsite atmosphere. Share them on your social media channels.  
  • Make a video of yourself! Tell us how you see the Congress.  
  • Attending online? Capture how you are experiencing the Congress via photos and videos. Where are you? Are you at your home, clinic, office or hospital? Tell us, let’s share the experience.  
  • Share your thoughts, ideas and impressions. Let’s get the conversation going!  

Official graphics  

You can use the official graphics for your social media posts before, during, and after the Congress.  


FACEBOOK Stories Templates

Sample copy (feel free to edit)

Attending onsite – prior to Congress.  

I will be attending #EASCongress2024 in Lyon, France – 26-29 May! Join me! –  
I am looking forward to meeting everyone at #EASCongress2024 in Lyon, France this May! I invite you to come – 
Onsite meetings are back on track! I will be attending #EASCongress2024 in Lyon– 26-29 May. Come with me! –  
Looking forward to hearing the latest scientific results on #atherosclerosis during #EASCongress2024 in Lyon, France! Join me  

Attending onsite – during the Congress  

I am at #EASCongress2024 and it’s looking good! You can still join online at  
Are you at the #EASCongress2024 in Lyon? Join the conversation, share the experience –  
Happy to be back to #EASCongress2024 onsite! Great conversations and meetings are happening! Are you here? Let’s connect – 
Just prepared my presentation for the #EASCongress2024! I am really looking forward to [insert one or two sessions] –  

Attending online  

I’ll be attending online #EASCongress2024, May 26 – 29. Like if you are also attending! –  
I am excited to be a part of the #EASCongress2024 – the largest focused European meeting on atherosclerosis and related cardiovascular diseases of the year! – 
I’ll be attending #EASCongress2024, May 26 – 29 online! You can still join –  

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