Joint sessions

Wednesday 29 May


ASPC-EAS Joint session - Atherosclerosis Prevention

Debate: Coronary Artery Calcification is Primary Prevention
Raul Santos, Brazil
Michael Shapiro, USA
How Early is too Early for ASCVD Prevention?
John William McEvoy, Ireland
Women and Risk Factors for ASCVD: Sex Specific Considerations
Martha Gulati, USA

Tuesday 28 May


ESC-EAS joint session - Practical challenges in CV Prevention

A practical approach to effective smoking caseation
Giuseppe Biondi-Zoccai, Italy
Exercise in obese individuals with multiple co-morbidities; What works?
Martin Bahls, Germany
Applying risk scores in clinical practice; What scores for which patients?
Lisa Pennells, UK
Risk modifiers; How to incorporate them in CV prevention?
Maryam Kavousi, The Netherlands

Tuesday 28 May


IAS-EAS joint symposium : The INTERASPIRE registry – variation in care

How do TG levels vary in CAD patients across WHO regions
Peter Libby, USA
How do traditional lipids differ in CAD patients across WHO regions
Kausik Ray, UK
Measures of Glycaemia in CAD patients - How do they differ across regions
Lars Rydén, Sweden
Characteristics of patients with CAD across WHO regions
David Wood, Ireland

Monday 27 May


NLA-EAS Joint session - From a to B, then Back to LDL: Transatlantic Views on the Lipoproteins that Cause Plaque

Disaggregating the lipid panel- why should I bother?
Christie Ballantyne, USA
Lp(a) who to measure and what to do about it?
Florian Kronenberg, Austria
To apoB or not to apoB
Daniel Soffer, USA
LDL-C lowering across the specrtum of dyslipidaemias- why it remains the primary target
Kausik Ray, UK