Workshop programme


Assessment of cardiovascular risk and gene editing therapeutics

Beyond traditional risk factors in screening for ASCVD in primary prevention
Laurens Reeskamp, The Netherlands
How does SCORE2 perform in different parts of Europe and in different sub-groups?
Emanuele Di Angelantonio, UK

Cellular interplay in vascular frailty

Extracellular matrix in atherosclerosis
Thorsten Kessler, Germany
Fibroblast diversity in atherosclerosis
Judith Sluimer, The Netherlands

CONTROVERSY - Dealing with inflammation in ASCVD prevention

Paul Ridker, USA
Ulrich Laufs, Germany

Diet and Lifestyle in ASCVD prevention

What is the rationale for the dietary recommendations for fat intake?
Jacob J. Christensen, Norway
Physical activity and ASCVD prevention: is there a dose response curve?
Signe Sørensen Torekov, Norway

Dyslipidemia and steatotic liver disease

New links between atherogenic dyslipidemia and metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease
Joel Haas, France
New isights from Hypobetalipoproteinemia
Salvatore Petta, Italy

Familial hypercholesterolemia - new genetic and molecular aspects

New insights in the genetics of FH
Mafalda Bourbon, Portugal
Genetics of FH: from clinical to molecular classification
Alain Carrie, France

Familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) from screening to management

Monogenic vs polygenic hyperchol
Jacqueline S. Dron, USA
How should we screen - systematic vs. Cascade
Tomas Freiberger, Czechia

From epidemiology and biology to clinical decision making

AI imaging for clinical decision support
Alexios Antonopoulos, Greece
Potential of big data to improve ASCVD prediction in women
Maryam Kavousi, The Netherlands

Immune regulation in atherosclerosis

B cells and antibody responses in atherosclerosis
Christoph Binder, Austria
Lipid receptors shaping immune cell functions in atherosclerosis
Sabine Steffens, Germany

Mechanisms of plaque evolution in the aging artery

The changing cellular landscape in plaque dynamics
Minna Kaikkonen- Määttä, Finland
Specific roles for PI3Ks in mechanotransduction during atherosclerosis
Muriel Laffargue, France

New insights in the regulation of Lipid/ Lipoproteins metabolism

The role of ANGPTL8 in the regulation of lipid metabolism
Robert Konrad, USA
Lipoprotein lipase: How can an unstable enzyme orchestrate intravascular lipolysis?
Michael Ploug, Denmark

New therapeutics

Connecting gut hormones and lipid metabolism
Niina Matikainen, Finland
Bariatric surgery and lipids
Geltrude Mingrone, Italy

Precision medicine and ASCVD

"Primordial" prevention
Bamba Gaye, Senegal
Consequences of Gender Transition on ASCVD risk: a clinical perspective
Asa Tivesten, Sweden

Precision medicine beyond LDL-cholesterol

Lipoprotein (a) molecular mechanisms associated with athero-thrombosis: a topic for precision medicine
Gilles Lambert, France
Women and ASCVD: what is different?
Lale Tokgözoğlu, Turkey